Thursday, 25 June 2015

Go To Ideal BMI

Our boss, the BPSH launched a campaign "Menuju BMI Ideal". Therefore, there is a competition between the Sports Team (Green, Red, Blue and Yellow). I don't remember others but I am the Kasawari (Green) team.
There are many kinds of games conducted such as Indoor and Outdoor Games. I tried the BMI competition and went to the MOH next to the MOE office to weigh myself. The officer told me to reduce 18 more kilos to get the ideal weight for my height.

All of us in school participate in the competition including my principal. So, we decided to compete among us to get some motivation to win.

This is our principal giving some moral support to the teachers to join this good campaign through get the ideal BMI. 

So, let's my friends. We must take this challenge for the sake of our health...

Our Boss with his adopted babies.. :)

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